We're making some changes to our prices

Important information for Broadband and Phone customers.

Things you need to know before you sign up for Post Office Broadband or Homephone

We wanted to let you know that from 4 November 2019 , the price of some call charges, features and call plans will be increasing. You'll find further information in the simple table below.

Please Note: Your monthly or quarterly Broadband or Home Phone package rental charge will not be changing.

Whilst a price rise is never good news, we're committed to ensuring you still continue to receive great value for money – here's some of the things that will not be changing.

  • Fixed Price Broadband, Guaranteed: If you have broadband with us, we're one of the few providers who guarantee your broadband monthly rental price for the length of your contract so you can stay in control of your spending.

  • UK based call centres and technical support: We're committed to ensuring all our calls are answered by customer centres in the UK. Open 365 days a year our teams are there to help you-from explaining your bill to ensuring you get the most out of your phone and broadband service.

  • Free to pay your bill in any Post Office branch: We have 11,500 branches across the country where you can visit to pay your bill over the counter or using one of our self-service kiosks.

  • Extra 10% off your 10 favourite numbers: Just choose the 10 numbers you call most often (UK, mobile or international) and get 10% off the cost of the calls each month.

Here's what's changing

  Current price New Price from 4th November 2019
Call connection (per call) 22p 23p
UK standard mobile (per min) 17p 18p
Standard voicemail (per month) £ 1.50 £ 2.00
Evening & weekend calls (per month) £ 4.00 £ 5.00
Anytime calls (per month) £ 6.00 £ 7.00
Call plans we no longer sell *
Evening & weekend calls (old) (per month) £ 4.00 £ 5.00
Anytime calls (old) (per month) £ 9.00 £ 10.00


* Please check your bill to see if you are on one of these call plans or refer to our Price Guide

Other changes

  • Anti-virus software: If you have Post Office Broadband you may be using an older anti-virus product called Fujitsu Internet Security (Bit Defender 2013). This software will be withdrawn 20 July 2020 and after this date you will no longer be able to use it. For more information and how to upgrade to a new anti-virus offer that will be available from November please see suemyjones.com/anti-virus

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the monthly rental prices be going up for customers on Home Phone or Broadband packages?

No, if you're a Broadband or Home Phone only customer your monthly or quarterly rental charge will not be changing. This price increase only applies to customers that are on selected call plans , Standard Voicemail or make calls to UK standard mobile numbers or other numbers where a call connection charge would normally apply.

I'm on your Broadband Fixed Price Guarantee promotion, will my monthly price be going up?

No. If you joined up to one our Fixed Price broadband promotional offers we can guarantee your monthly broadband package price will stay the same throughout the duration of your contract. Other services such as our call plans and call charges don't have the same fixed price guarantee, meaning they are subject to change. All our promotions are subject to price and terms potentially changing during your contract. For details please see our terms .

Why have you changed some of your prices?

We've always done everything possible to give you great value for money and to help keep your bills down however, we've had to make a few changes to some of our call rates, features and call plans in order to continue offering all the great benefits that are included within our packages. Although some prices have increased, you'll see that our prices and call charges are still very good value for money, especially when you compare them to other service providers.

How are you telling customers about the price change?

If you are already a Post Office Broadband or Home Phone customer, you will be notified of these changes by letter, bill leaflet or email well in advance of the changes coming into effect. Letters, emails and bill leaflets will be sent out from 16th September 2019 , you can expect to receive your letter, bill leaflet or email within a few weeks from this date.

Has anything changed in my package?

The price change may affect you depending upon whether you use your phone to make calls at standard rates, have a call plan or use our Standard Voicemail. If you are unclear what products or features you have today you can view them on a previous bill or alternate log into My Account and review your package details there. The table on the top of this page outlines the price changes. Please also refer to the price change letter, bill leaflet or email which has been sent to you. You can also contact us on 0345 373 0041 * if you would like to discuss your package and how you can save money with our great value call plans .

Why is the old anti-virus software no longer available to use from July 2020?

The older software previously provided to Post Office Broadband customers is being withdrawn by its manufacturer (Bit Defender) from this date so it will no longer be able to provide online protection for your Windows PC. For more information please see www.postoffice.co. uk / anti-virus. To ensure our customers can upgrade to more modern online protection software that works across a wider range of devices, Post Office have partnered with F-Secure, the award-winning online security company to offer all broadband customers a discount on it's SAFE internet security suite, which works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. This offer will be available by visiting suemyjones.com/f-secure from 1st October 2019 .

What if I'm unhappy with the price changes?

We're always reluctant to increase prices and if you're not happy with these changes, you can leave without incurring any early termination charges, so if you wish to do this or would like to discuss your options, please contact us on 0345 373 0041 * within 30 days of receiving your price change notification letter, bill leaflet or email.

* Our lines are open Monday-Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm. Calls are free when made from an active Post Office Home Phone. Call charges apply from other service providers.

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