Apply for an SIA licence

Visit a Post Office to have your documents checked, photograph taken and pay for your application.

How to apply

We have over 750 branches that can help you get your licence. Our specially trained staff will guide you through the process – you'll be ready for work in just a few days.

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Apply online

To apply for an SIA licence, you need to complete an online application form with SIA .

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Visit a Post Office

Bring your SIA application reference number and copies of any requested copies into a branch .

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In Branch

We'll check your documentation, capture your photograph and take your electronic signature. We will also take payment, if required.

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Send to SIA

We'll send everything for you to the SIA.

This service will cost £ 210.

Find your nearest branch

Use our branch finder tool to find where you can apply for an SIA licence.

SIA Licence Application
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Who is the SIA?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for licensing individuals who work in certain parts of the UK's private security industry.


    What information do I need to bring with me?

    The SIA should have sent you a licence application reference number. Bring this to a participating branch within 3 months of completing your on-line Security Industry Authority licence application.

    Make sure you bring originals of any documents requested, not photocopies. We'll send your application electronically to the SIA.

    We will check your documents, take your photograph, record your signature and take payment (if applicable.)

    For an additional fee we'll post any supporting documentation off to the SIA for you.

    After I have been to the Post Office do I need to send any of my identity documents to the SIA?

    Your Next Steps Notification from SIA will tell you if you need to send any documents directly to them.

    You need to send everything to the SIA within 21 days of visiting the Post Office or your application may be withdrawn.

    Until the SIA receive your documents they will not be able to progress your application further.

    Will the Post Office send my documents directly to the SIA?

    Yes; if you want the Post Office to post any extra documents to the SIA, you'll be charged an additional fee to cover the cost of postage and envelope.

    You will also need a covering note with your reference number and your full name and address.

    What if I don't have a licence application reference number from the SIA?

    You can only use this service if you've been given a licence application reference number. We need this to submit your application

    You can obtain your licence application reference number from your online SIA account.

    When is the best time to visit the Post Office?

    Busy periods vary widely depending on the location of the branch. To make your visit as quick as possible we recommend that you attend a Post Office branch on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday – this tends to be when we're less busy.

    Have a look at our Branch Finder to see where the service is available.

    How much does it cost?

    The SIA licence fee is £ 210.00, if you are applying for more than one licence, an additional fee of £ 105 per licence is payable.

    What happens to my photograph and signature?

    Once we've taken your photo and recorded your signature, we send them electronically to the SIA where they're added to your application.

    The SIA will then continue to process your application.

    I wear a headscarf. Will I have to remove it when my photo is taken?

    Head coverings worn for religious reasons are acceptable, but care must be taken to ensure your face is not covered.

    Please remember to wear a dark coloured headscarf, as lighter coloured head coverings may be too difficult to see – which could lead to the photo being rejected.

    We're aware of the need to protect your dignity, privacy and modesty. If you need any special arrangements, just let us know. We'll be happy to help.

    Can I wear my glasses when my photo is taken?

    You can't wear glasses or sunglasses while your photo is being taken.

    You must also remove the following items:

    • Headphones
    • Hats, scarves, or any other headgear not worn for religious reasons
    • Bluetooth headsets

    For more information about suitable photos, please view the Home Office Photo Guidance

    How can I get in touch?

    Using our online contact form

    By Post:

    Alternative Textphone us:
    0345 722 3355
    Need to contact us using Braille, audio or large print? No problem, we'll respond to you in the same format.

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